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The pool is one of the main investments for many hotels and residences, so what do they do after the pool season is over? As Dome Turk, we offer you an economical alternative in solving this problem. Dome Turk pool closure systems can be used safely in public pools, villa pools, hotel pools and other private pools as well as tennis courts, carpets and so on. It is also used in specialized areas. Any area you need, our technical team will come to scale and after your approval with special scaling and visualization will be implemented. Feel free to force us…

Inflatable Pool Enclosure Systems Technical Details

It is now very easy to close the pool without spending a small fortune. Inflatable Pool Sealing Systems which is the trend pool closure system of the last 30 years:

It can be completely dismantled. (for summer months)

A permission is required for a permanent structure and no permission is required for inflatable structures.

You do not have to pay a separate tax to the municipality.

Easily installed.

It is very easy to care for (just wash once a year.)

Since no foreign material can enter the pool from outside, you can also use the pool chemical less.

You can offer your customers an indoor pool effect.

It is a long-term investment (you can use it for 7-10 years, even one customer has used it for 16 years)

You can easily enter the pool without being seen from the outside.

It is standing with air support with PVC fabric, there is no construction, this will ensure that there is no column in the space you will close and you will use the space efficiently.

It will provide heat insulation.

You can advertise outside as you like or make your own ad.

It can be installed in half an hour with 2 people.

Repair and maintenance is very easy.

Color options are available.

Entry-exit is made with zippered or revolving door systems and special solutions can be produced upon request.

The fixing is done with dowels on the ground. A special skirt system is used to trap the air inside.

Depending on the size of the shut-off, an appropriate number of motors is sent.

The pool closure systems are designed for safe use even in the 40km / h wind thanks to the double security connection details.

Dowels are fixed to a small hole to be drilled on the ground.

The dimensions of the pool to be closed and the gaps in the layout plan are communicated to us and our R & D department prepares the appropriate design and presents it for your approval.

According to your request, we can make designs from the colors in our color chart.

When you enter the Inflatable Pool Sealing Systems it will show its noticeability. The dome-shaped roof will make the interior look much larger. You will feel as if you have entered a very different world. You will experience complete relaxation in this environment where even the sounds are softened.

You feel a tropical climate from the weight and temperature of the air inside. In addition to the traditional walls, turning with an inflatable wall will also produce a therapeutic effect. Enjoy…

Thanks to the materials and production techniques we use, you can safely use our inflatable pool closure systems for a long time. You can use it up to 10 years everywhere from Antalya heat to Erzurum.

Inflatable Pool Coverage Area Account

We recommend that you close your pool at least 1.5 meters away from the sides of your pool. This distance will allow you to walk comfortably by the pool. If sunbeds, tables, coffee tables and so on. items, you must add at least 2 meters on each side.

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