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For most public offices and schools, indoor space is one of the biggest problems. In winter, indoor space is very necessary and most of the education and activities that can be done are not available.

Inflatable dome structures, which have been used by all public institutions and private sector since 1980, are rapidly becoming widespread today. With these structures, being one of the most cost-effective structures in today’s economic conditions is one of the reasons why they are preferred.

Initially, these structures are very affordable in terms of initial application costs, are the most suitable structures for seasonal use, fast installation and dismantling is the most important feature.

Due to the color of the outer membrane, it has a structure that transmits light at a rate of 85%. Thanks to this permeability, it makes full use of daylight and provides the necessary light for sports and provides savings.

Compared to standard outdoor carpet pitches, owners can use the winter months indoors and do not seal the winter months as dead seasons. Considering that football training is higher in indoor fields, you can have an investment tool with a high profit margin.

Earthquake times these structures can be used as emergency response tent.

With its dome structure, it can withstand 50 kg / m2 snow load and 120 km / h wind load.

15-20 years long time use feature

Fire retardant, transparent colored, mold and fungus-free membrane

UV resistant

Up to 70% savings in lighting costs due to transparency

Fast and long-term structures with a lightweight concrete floor

Be flexible

Easily extinguish and transport to another location

Changing the air inside 4 times an hour

Be in good weather conditions for life, and be healthy

90% cheaper than brick, mortar, iron

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