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Our vision:

Membrane structures in areas with pioneering solutions and services, with expertise that makes a difference, Turkey’s leaders have a say in the international market.

Our Mission:

To provide the most appropriate design, solution and service support with our experienced and competent team in order to meet the needs of our customers and increase their efficiency in the field of Membrane Structures and Air Supported Structures. To be a company that is open to career opportunities, worked with pleasure and preferred to work. To be a trusted and monitored solution partner with our respect to human and environment and with our correct and open communication approach.

Our Values:

Reliability, Sensitivity, Customer Orientation, Openness, Solution Orientation, Being Passionate, Flexibility.


To respond to expectations in a timely manner by acting in accordance with honest work and business ethics, to develop relationships based on trust and to fulfill our promise.

Sensitivity (to human and environment):

To be sensitive and respectful to people, information, labor and environment by using our solutions and resources efficiently with our corporate and personal social responsibility awareness.

Customer Focus:

Providing continuity in the satisfaction of our customers by providing effective, realistic and applicable solutions, exhibiting constructive attitudes beyond fulfilling only the obligations arising from the business partnership.

Clearness (Transparency):

To be open in communication and practices, to be transparent, fair and honest.

Solution Focus:

To provide effective and fast services with our professional understanding and belief in team work, to approach the proposed and taken decisions with common sense.

Being Passionate:

To be faithful in achieving our goal, to make a difference, to transform employee satisfaction into customer satisfaction with the synergy created by all our employees, acting with the awareness of their responsibilities towards our resources, solutions and stakeholders.


To give opportunity to our employees to develop, implement and take solution oriented suggestions without compromising professional and corporate values ​​with the importance our management attaches to the prejudiced approach.

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