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In the field of agriculture, inflatable greenhouses started to be used in Spain, which is the world’s greenhouse expert country, in the field of agriculture. Inflatable greenhouse structures, which come to the forefront with cost effective and short time installation in greenhouse systems, have started to be used in all countries of the world. Thanks to these structures, which have the primary purpose of usage and cost and installation time, the highest level of sunlight required in greenhouses can be used. If you need a greenhouse for organic farming, these systems are the best for you. Soilless agriculture is not used much in our country and it will be used by many agricultural applications companies in new generation agriculture applications.

With this system, you can rent the area of ​​your greenhouse, and you can dismantle your next greenhouse and install it in another area.

Extra features;

With its dome structure, it can withstand 50 kg / m2 snow load and 120 km / h wind load.

15-20 years long time use feature

Fire retardant, transparent colored, mold and fungus-free membrane

UV resistant

Suitable for lighting and light transmission due to its transparency

Optimum weather and light conditions for photosynthesis

Be flexible

Easily extinguish and transport to another location

Changing the air inside 4 times an hour

Be in good weather conditions for agriculture, and be healthy

90% cheaper than brick, mortar, iron

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