DOME TURK, which is a professional membrane structures company based on customer-centric philosophy and service concept, has become a consulting firm. First of all, an interview is made about the job description and the project owner is invited to be present at all stages or the customer is visited by us.

As DOME TURK, we strive for customer satisfaction by targeting the highest quality. In order to offer you the best dome structure, we offer you the best one with the highest quality, we always have alternative options in line with your budget.

DOME TURK is a company specializing in.

The best structure is decided with the project owner.

Statics are calculated and drawn.

Project development and pilot drawing is done.

In digital environment, the product is presented to the project owner on the map.

Business usage accounts are made.

We strive to produce the best product and offer the best quality product, designed only for your need.

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