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Inflatable structures produced in the desired scissors range are shipped to the site after production and made ready for installation by making additions to the site. On the other hand, holes are drilled in the required depth to the anchorage area and anchored to the ground by epoxy application. Before the anchorage, flexible tape is drawn for waterproofing and waterproofing is provided and waterproofing is done again with würth materials.

After the anchor is finished, the membrane is attached to the anchor on the floor by screwing. The joints are also insulated for waterproofing. The inflating process is started and the inflating process is completed between 15 minutes and 3 hours depending on the size of the structure.

Afterwards, the location of the door is determined according to the customer’s request and the door is assembled. We have 2 kinds of door model, one is classic tunnel door and the other one is our 3-wing revolving door model. The 2-door model is also breakable doors.

With its dome structure, it can withstand 50 kg / m2 snow load and 120 km / h wind load.
15-20 years long time use feature
Fire retardant, transparent colored, mold and fungus-free membrane
UV resistant
Up to 70% savings in lighting costs due to transparency
Fast and long-term structures with a lightweight concrete floor
Be flexible
Easily extinguish and transport to another location
Changing the air inside 4 times an hour
90% cheaper than brick, mortar, iron
High ceilings can be created for high balls.

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