+ Economic Pool Dome

Thanks to economical pool dome systems, we have an extraordinary solution for your dirty pool which you cannot use in cold winter months. In this way, your pool can be used in winter months.

+Tennis Court Dome

Tennis courts cannot be used in any way because of the wetness of the tennis balls. Thanks to our closure product suitable for tennis lessons, your court can be used in winter. “Balloon Court”

+Application Forms

Dome Turk systems can be produced in any desired way compared to some structures which can be made only in rectangular and square structures. Whatever your field, we have a solution.

+Service and Maintenance

Dome Türk systems are maintenance and service free. Such systems can only be carried out once a year with motor control during the installation phase. Dome Turkish Service is always at your service.

+ Dealership and Distributorship

If you have a company that has the potential to sell our products, let us evaluate.

Bayimiz Olun - Dometurk

+Lighting and Climate

Thanks to Dome Türk systems, which have quite a lot of solutions for lighting, the desired brightness can be provided and the desired climate can be provided with the heating systems, and the summer and winter are used.

+ Industrial Buildings

Inflatable Storage Area, inflatable factory, hangar, sugar storage and agriculture sector, grain storage and many more can be used for these systems thanks to the cost will be reduced

+Emergency Response Tents

Dome will know that there will be a lot of work and events inside the Turkish buildings, and it can be used in disaster areas easily and efficiently. It is possible for these structures to heat up and work in case of power failure.

+Valuable References

The fact that we have vast experience in our business and that we love our work brings us new customers every day and increases the return of our old customers. Click here to see our references.


  • Eligible Cost
  • Quick Assembly
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Visual & Stable

Dome Turkish structures are 10 times cheaper than normal reinforced concrete structures. In reinforced concrete structures, there are disadvantages such as earthquake risk and environmental pollution, as well as high costs.

DOME TÜRK structures, which are produced and assembled in a very short time according to the size of a concrete structure according to the size of the work, form closed spaces as soon as possible. The production of the work outside the place of installation takes up to 1 week while the assembly takes between 4 days and 2 weeks in the field according to the size of the work. Installation and disassembly in the shortest time of installation and dismantling with this structure as soon as 1 day assembly and disassembly can be done.

DOME TURK structures are environmentally friendly. The most important plus is the fact that the material used can use external light during the day thanks to the light transmittance of the material used. It transmits the outer light at 85% rate in bright hours. The material is a fire-proof membrane which has the property of extinguishing itself against fire. It is harmful for human health as it has long term carbon release in reinforced concrete and steel structures. Cement dust is considered as the most carbon high building material in the world.

It is everyone’s desire to have a visual structure. A dome structure that looks even from afar will make you stand out wherever you are and make you look quality. A building on the roadside or a dome on a hill will look incredibly beautiful. The fact that it can be printed on will create a new advertising medium for you. Another advantage of the dome structure is that it is resistant to wind load. It is a dome-shaped structure and is not exposed to wind. Wind resistance load 110 km / h.

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